To deploy nodes, you need to prepare configuration files that would be uploaded to the VMs.


  • A prepared SDF.

Method of procedure

Step 1 - Create configuration YAML files

Create configuration YAML files relevant for your node type on the SIMPL VM. Store these files in the same directory as your prepared SDF.

See Example configuration YAML files for example configuration files.

On custom VMs, you can provide Rhino low-level override files in the form of Rhino declarative configuration. See Configuration files for more details.

Step 2 - Create secrets file

Generate a template secrets.yaml file by running csar secrets create-input-file --sdf <path to SDF>.

Replace the value of any secrets in your SDF with a secret ID. The secret ID and corresponding secret value should be written in secrets.yaml.

Run the command csar secrets add <path to secrets.yaml template> to add the secrets to the secret store.

Refer to the Refer to the SIMPL VM documentation for more information.

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