SGC not running after installation

Check that bootstrap and configuration were successful:

[sentinel@sgc1 ~]$ grep 'Bootstrap complete' ~/bootstrap/bootstrap.log
2019-10-28 13:53:54,226 INFO bootstrap.main Bootstrap complete
[sentinel@sgc1 ~]$

If the bootstrap.log does not contain that string, examine the log for any exceptions or errors.

[sentinel@sgc1 ~]$ report-initconf status
[sentinel@sgc1 ~]$

If the status is different, examine the output from report-initconf for any problems. If that is not sufficient, examine the ~/initconf/initconf.log file for any exceptions or errors.

Further information can also be found from the SGC logs in /var/log/tas and its subdirectories.

  • OCSS7 logs are found in /var/log/tas/ocss7.


The OCSS7 SGC is not running

  • Use systemctl status ocss7 to determine if the ocss7 service is enabled and running.

  • Check using jps to see if an SGC process is running.

  • Check the most recent startup.log and ss7.log in /var/log/tas/ocss7/ for information relating to any failed startup.

OCSS7 SGC Alarms

The OCSS7 SGC CLI may be used to query the SGC for its active alarms. The SGC CLI executable is located at ~/ocss7/<deployment_id>/<node_id>/current/cli/bin/

Use the display-active-alarm command in the SGC CLI to show the active alarms.

See the OCSS7 Installation and Administration Guide for a full description of the alarms that can be raised by the OCSS7 SGC.

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