custom service groups


Note that whilst SDFs include all VNFCs in the deployment, this section only covers the Rhino VM Automation VMs (custom).

Define one service group for each custom node type (custom).

Networks for custom service groups

SSH configuration

SSH authentication

SIMPL VM SSH private key

For validation tests (csar validate) to succeed, you must also add a secret ID of an SSH key that SIMPL VM can use to access the VM, under the field private-key-id within the SSH section. It is not necessary to also add the public half of this key to the authorized-keys list; rvtconfig will ensure the VM is configured with the public key.

The SSH key must be in PEM format; it must not be an OpenSSH formatted key (the default format of keys created by ssh-keygen). You can create a PEM formatted SSH key pair using the command ssh-keygen -b 4096 -m PEM.


To minimize the risk of this key being compromised, we recommend making the SIMPL VM create this key for you. See Auto-creating SSH keys in the SIMPL VM Documentation for instructions on how to do this.

SSH configuration example

An example SSH section for a VNFC is shown below:

- name: mag
    count: 3
    - name: my-mag-1
        - ssh-rsa AAAA... Bob's key
        private-key-id: simpl-vm-access-private-key-id

Product options for custom service groups

The following is a list of custom-specific product options in the SDF. All listed product options must be included in a product-options:<node type> section, for example:

  • cds-addresses : Required by all node types. This element lists all the CDS addresses. Must be set to all the signaling IPs of the CDS nodes.

  • secrets-private-key-id : Required by all node types. A secret ID referencing an encryption key to encrypt/decrypt passwords generated for configuration. The rvtconfig tool should be used to generate this key. More details can be found in the rvtconfig page. The same key must be used for all VMs in a deployment.

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