Note that one SIMPL VM can be used to deploy multiple node types. Thus, this step only needs to be performed once for all node types.


The minimum supported version of the SIMPL VM is 6.13.3. Prior versions cannot be used.

Planning for the procedure

Background knowledge

This procedure assumes that:

  • you are installing into an existing OpenStack deployment

  • you are using a supported OpenStack version, as described in the 'OpenStack requirements' section of the SIMPL VM Documentation

  • you are thoroughly familiar with working with OpenStack machines and know how to set up tenants, users, roles, client environment scripts, and so on

    (For more information, refer to the appropriate OpenStack installation guide for the version that you are using here.)

  • you know the IP networking information (IP address, subnet mask in CIDR notation, and default gateway) for the SIMPL VM.

Reserve maintenance period

This procedure does not require a maintenance period. However, if you are integrating into a live network, we recommend that you implement measures to mitigate any unforeseen events.

Plan for service impact

This procedure does not impact service.


You must be a system operator to perform the MOP steps.

Tools and access

You must have:

  • access to a local computer with a network connection and browser access to the OpenStack Dashboard

  • administrative access to the OpenStack host machine

  • the OpenStack privileges required to deploy VMs from an image (see OpenStack documentation for specific details).

This page references an external document: the SIMPL VM Documentation. Ensure you have a copy available before proceeding.

Installation Questions

Question More information

Do you have the correct SIMPL VM QCOW2?

All SIMPL VM virtual appliances use the naming convention - simpl_vm_<full-version>.qcow2. For example, simpl_vm_6.13.3.qcow2 where 6.13.3 is the software version.

Do you know the IP address that you intend to give to the SIMPL VM?

The SIMPL VM requires one IP address, for management traffic.

Have you created and do you know the names of the networks and security group for the nodes?

The SIMPL VM requires a management network with an unrestricted security group.

Method of procedure

Deploy and configure the SIMPL VM

Follow the SIMPL VM Documentation on how to deploy the SIMPL VM and set up the configuration.

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