About this task

This task creates the node flavor(s) that you will need when installing your deployment on OpenStack virtual machines.


You must complete this procedure before you begin the installation of the first node on OpenStack, but will not need to carry it out again for subsequent node installations.

Create your node flavor(s)

Detailed procedure

  1. Run the following command to create the OpenStack flavor, replacing <flavor name> with a name that will help you identify the flavor in future.

    nova flavor-create <flavor name> auto <ram_mb> <disk_gb> <vcpu_count>


    • <ram_mb> is the amount of RAM, in megabytes

    • <disk_gb> is the amount of hard disk space, in gigabytes

    • <vpu_count> is the number of virtual CPUs.

      Specify the parameters as pure numbers without units.

The flavors for custom nodes are defined in your node-parameters.yaml that you passed to VMBC.

  1. Make note of the flavor ID value provided in the command output because you will need it when installing your OpenStack deployment.

  2. To check that the flavor you have just created has the correct values, run the command:

    nova flavor-list

  3. If you need to remove an incorrectly-configured flavor (replacing <flavor name> with the name of the flavor), run the command:

    nova flavor-delete <flavor name>


You have now created the OpenStack flavor you will need when following the procedure to install the nodes on OpenStack virtual machines.

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