The rvt-gather_diags script collects diagnostic information. Run rvt-gather_diags [--force] [--force-confirmed] on the VM command line.

Option Description


option will prompt user to allow execution under high cpu load.


option will not prompt user to run under high cpu load.

Diagnostics dumps are written to /var/rvt-diags-monitor/dumps as a gzipped tarball. The dump name is of the form {timestamp}.{hostname}.tar.gz. This can be extracted by running the command tar -zxf {tarball-name}.

The script automatically deletes old dumps so that the total size of all dumps doesn’t exceed 1GB. However, it will not delete the dump just taken, even if that dump exceeds the 1GB threshold.

Diagnostics collected

A diagnostic dump contains the following information:


  • Everything in /var/log and /var/run

    • This includes the raw journal files.

  • NTP status in ntpq.txt

  • snmp status from snmpwalk in snmpstats.txt

Platform information

  • lshw.txt - Output of the lshw command

  • cpuinfo.txt - Processor details

  • meminfo.txt - Memory details

  • os.txt - Operating System information

Networking information

  • ifconfig.txt - Interface settings

  • routes.txt - IP routing tables

  • netstat.txt - Currently allocated sockets, as reported by netstat

  • /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf

Resource usage

  • df-kh.txt - Disk usage as reported by df -kh

  • sar.{datestamp}.txt - The historical system resource usage as reported

  • fdisk-l.txt - Output of fdisk -l

  • ps_axo.txt - Output of ps axo

TAS-VM-Build information

  • bootstrap.log

  • initconf.log

  • The configured YAML files

  • disk_monitor.log

  • msw-release - Details of the node type and version

  • cds_deployment_data.txt - Developer-level configuration information from the CDS

  • Text files that hold the output of journalctl run for a allowlist set of both system and TAS specific services.


  • linkerd.txt - Output from docker logs linkerd


  • hs_err_pid{x}.log


  • All logs in the pg_log directory


  • All Rhino logs are already under /var/log so automatically included

  • The output of generate-system-report.sh

  • deployable_units.txt - The output of rhino-console listdeployableunits

  • services.txt - All services and their state

  • ra.txt - All RAs and their state

  • patchprofile.txt - The contents of PatchHistoryProfileTable

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