Application not running after installation

Check that bootstrap and configuration were successful:

[@custom1 ~]$ grep 'Bootstrap complete' ~/bootstrap/bootstrap.log
2019-10-28 13:53:54,226 INFO bootstrap.main Bootstrap complete
[@custom1 ~]$

If the bootstrap.log does not contain that string, examine the log for any exceptions or errors.

[@custom1 ~]$ report-initconf status
[@custom1 ~]$

If the status is different, examine the output from report-initconf for any problems. If that is not sufficient, examine the ~/initconf/initconf.log file for any exceptions or errors.

If bootstrap and configuration were successful, check the Rhino journalctl logs.

[@custom1 ~]$ journalctl -u rhino -l

Further information can also be found from the custom logs in /var/log/tas and its subdirectories.

  • Rhino logs are found in /var/log/tas/rhino.

Bootstrap and/or initconf failures are often caused by networking issues.

  • Check that each VM can ping all of the:

    • other signaling IPs of VMs with the same node type

    • CDS signaling IPs.

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