• Update Cassandra 4.1 gc.log configuration options to reduce logging printed information and to allow analysis by censum tool. (#1161334)

  • Updated rvconfig set-desired-running-state command so it lowercases instance names for MDM instance IDs (as SIMPL/MDM do) (#994044)

  • Initconf sets directory and file permissions to the primary user (instead of root) when extracting custom data from yaml configuration files. (#510353)


New functionality

  • Add new charging option 'cap-ro' to support mixed CAMEL and Diameter Ro deployment. (#701809)

  • Add support for configuring multiple destination realms for Diameter Ro. (#701814)


  • Updated example configuration for conference-mrf-uri to force TCP (#737570)

  • Corrected the SNMP alarm that was previously monitoring totalFree memory, it now checks for availReal memory instead. (#853447)

  • Modified the validation scripts to avoid checking rhino liveness & alerts when IPSMGW is disabled. (#737963)

  • Allow upload config if there is no live node for a given VM type (#511300)

  • Cassandra 4 container upgraded to 4.1.3 (#987347)

  • Updated system package versions of libwebp, bind, bpftool, kernel, open-vm-tools, perf, and python to address security vulnerabilities. (#1023775)


New functionality

  • The minimum supported version of SIMPL is now 6.13.3. (#290889)

  • TSN upgrades are supported when all other non-TSN nodes are already upgraded to 4.1.3-1.0.0 or higher.

  • TSN VM supports 2 Cassandra releases - 3.11.13 and 4.1.1; the default is 4.1.1 for new deployments, 3.11.13 can be selected by setting the custom-options parameter to cassandra_version_3_11 during a VM deployment. New rvtconfig cassandra-upgrade allows one-way switch from 3.11.13 to 4.1.1 without outage.

  • New rvtconfig backup-cds and rvtconfig restore-cds commands allow backup and restore of CDS data.

  • New rvtconfig set-desired-running-state command to set the desired state of non-TSN initconf processes.


  • Fixed a race condition during quiesce that could result in a VM being turned off before it had completed writing data to CDS. (#733646)

  • Improved the output when rvtconfig gather-diags is given hostname or site ID parameters that do not exist in the SDF, or when the SDF does not specify any VNFCs. (#515668)

  • Fixed an issue where rvtconfig would display an exception stack trace if given an invalid secrets ID. (#515672)

  • rvtconfig gather-diags now reports the correct location of the downloaded diagnostics. (#515671)

  • The version arguments to rvtconfig are now optional, defaulting to the version from the SDF if it matches that of rvtconfig. (#380063)

  • There is now reduced verbosity in the output of the upload-config command and logs are now written to a log file. (#334928)

  • Fixed service alarms so they will correctly clear after a reboot. (#672674)

  • Fixed rvtconfig gather-diags to be able to take ssh-keys that are outside the rvtcofig container. (#734624)

  • Fixed the rvtconfig validate command to only try to validate the optional files if they are all present. (#735591)

  • The CDS event check now compares the target versions of the most recent and new events before the new event is deemed to be already in the CDS. (#724431)

  • Extend OutputTreeDiagNode data that the non-TSN initconf reports to MDM based on the DesiredRunningState set from rvtconfig. (#290889)

  • Updated system package versions of nss, openssl, sudo, krb5, zlib, kpartx, bind, bpftool, kernel and perf to address security vulnerabilities. (#748702)

  • Added a nodetool-password parameter that can be used when upgrading from 4.0 to 4.1 - this should only be used if TSN is also deployed. (#503124)


  • The minimum supported version of SIMPL is now 6.11.2. (#443131)

  • Added a csar validate test that runs the same liveness checks as rvtconfig report-group-status. (#397932)

  • Added MDM status to csar validate tests and report-group-status. (#397933)

  • Added the same healthchecks done in csar validate as part of the healthchecks for csar update. (#406261)

  • Added a healthcheck script that runs before upgrade to ensure config has been uploaded for the uplevel version. (#399673)

  • Added a healthcheck script that runs before upgrade and enforces the use of rvtconfig enter-maintenance-window. (#399670)

  • rvtconfig upload-config and related commands now ignore specific files that may be in the input directory unnecessarily. (#386665)

  • An error message is now output when incorrectly formatted override yaml files are inputted rather than a lengthy stack trace. (#381281)

  • Added a service to the VMs to allow SIMPL VM to query their version information. (#230585)

  • CSARs are now named with a -v6 suffix for compatibility with version 6.11 of SIMPL VM. (#396587)

  • Fixed an issue where the new rvtconfig calculate-maintenance-window command raised a KeyError. (#364387)

  • Fixed an issue where rvtconfig could not delete a node type if no config had been uploaded. (#379137)

  • Improved logging when calls to MDM fail. (#397974)

  • Update initconf zip hashes to hash file contents and names. (#399675)

  • Fixed an issue where rvtconfig maintenance-window-status would report that a maintenance window is active when the end time had already passed. (#399670)

  • Config check is now done once per node rather than unnecessarily repeated when multiple nodes are updated. (#334928)

  • Fixed an issue where csar validate, update or heal could fail if the target VM’s disk was full. (#468274)

  • The --vm-version-source argument now takes the option sdf-version that uses the version in the SDF for a given node. There is now a check that the inputted version matches the SDF version and an optional argument --skip-version-check that skips this check. (#380063)

  • rvtconfig now checks for, and reports, unsupported configuration changes. (#404791)

  • Fixed Rhino not restarting automatically if it exited unexpectedly. (#397976)

  • Fixed an issue where Rhino management and audit logs would not be updated. (#377792)

  • Fixed an issue where upgrading clustered VMs might cause the last node’s Rhino process to terminate when the second-to-last node is upgraded. The workaround of upgrading the VMs in a specific order is no longer required. (#422006)

  • Updated system package versions of bind, bpftool, device-mapper-multipath, expat, krb5-devel, libkadm5 and python-ply to address security vulnerabilities. (#406275, #441719)


First release in the 4.1 series.

Major new functionality

  • Added support for parallel upgrades (except for TSN, SMO and SGC). Refer to Notes on parallel vs sequential upgrade for more details.

  • Added support for VM Recovery. Depending on different situations, this allows you to recover from malfunctioning VM nodes without affecting other nodes in the same VM group.

  • Added a low-privilege user, named viewer. This user has read-only access to diagnostics on the VMs and no superuser capabilities. (OPT-4831)

Backwards-incompatible changes

  • Access to VMs is now restricted to SSH keys only (no password authentication permitted). (OPT-4341)

  • The minimum supported version of SIMPL is now 6.10.1. (OPT-4677, OPT-4740, OPT-4722, OPT-4726, #207131) This includes different handling of secrets, see Secrets in the SDF for more details.

  • Made the system-notification-enabled, rhino-notification-enabled, and sgc-notification-enabled configuration options mandatory. Ensure these are specified in snmp-config.yaml. (#270272)

  • Added support for Rhino Node IDs to be configurable for unclustered VMs, and made this field mandatory. (#235644)

  • The internal traffic type is now mandatory for unclustered VMs. (#334955)

Other new functionality

  • Added a list of expected open ports to the documentation. (OPT-3724)

  • Added enter-maintenance-window and leave-maintenance-window commands to rvtconfig to control scheduled tasks. (OPT-4805)

  • Added a command liveness-check to all VMs for a quick health overview. (OPT-4785)

  • Added a command rvtconfig report-group-status for a quick health overview of an entire group. (OPT-4790)

  • Split rvtconfig delete-node-type into rvtconfig delete-node-type-version and rvtconfig delete-node-type-all-versions commands to support different use cases. (OPT-4685)

  • Added rvtconfig delete-node-type-retain-version command to search for and delete configuration and state related to versions other than a specified VM version. (OPT-4685)

  • Added rvtconfig calculate-maintenance-window to calculate the suggested duration for an upgrade maintenance window. (#240973)

  • Added rvtconfig gather-diags to retrieve all diags from a deployment. This has been optimised to gather diags in parallel safely based on the node types alongside disk usage safety checks. (#399682, #454095, #454094)

  • Added support for Cassandra username/password authentication. (OPT-4846)

  • system-config.yaml and routing-config.yaml are now fully optional, rather than requiring the user to provide an empty file if they didn’t want to provide any configuration. (OPT-3614)

  • Added tool mdm_certificate_updater.py to allow the update of MDM certificates on a VM. (OPT-4599)

  • Added support for configuring SAS connectivity using DNS hostnames. (OPT-4716)

  • Added a new option for specifying JVM garbage collection settings in node-parameters.yaml. (#358929)

  • Added extra diagnostics when a VM build fails. (OPT-3938)

  • Added ability for custom VMs to configure healthcheck-timeout and decommission-timeout. (OPT-4040)

  • Added some additional validation for build and initconf hook archives. (#219484)

  • Added the Cassandra nodetool and cqlsh commands to custom VMs. (#315242)

  • Pooled custom VMs, and those with replication enabled, now assume the Cassandra database used for Rhino persisting resources / replication does not require authentication by default. We strongly recommend that operators deploy VMs with Cassandra authentication enabled. (#341477)

  • The VMs' infrastructure software now runs on Python 3.9. (OPT-4013, OPT-4210)

  • All RPMs and Python dependencies updated to the newest available versions.

  • Updated the linkerd version to 1.7.5. (#360288)

  • Upgraded PostgreSQL to version 12. (OPT-5022)

  • Use the Microsoft build of OpenJDK instead of the CentOS OpenJDK. (#255345)


  • Fixed issue with default gateway configuration.

  • initconf is now significantly faster. (OPT-3144, OPT-3969)

  • Added some additional clarifying text to the disk usage alarms. (OPT-4046)

  • Ensured tasks which only perform configuration actions on the leader do not complete too early. (OPT-3657)

  • Tightened the set of open ports used for SNMP, linkerd and the Prometheus stats reporter. (OPT-4061, OPT-4058)

  • Disabled NTP server function on the VMs (i.e. other devices cannot use the VM as a time source). (OPT-4061)

  • The report-initconf command now returns a meaningful exit code. (DEV-474)

  • Alarms sent from initconf will have the source value of RVT monitor. (OPT-4521)

  • Removed unnecessary logging about not needing to clear an alarm that hadn’t been previously raised. (OPT-4752)

  • Authorized site-wide SSH authorized public keys specified in the SDF on all VMs within the site. (OPT-4729)

  • Reduced coupling to specific SIMPL VM version, to improve forwards compatibility with SIMPL. (OPT-4699)

  • Moved initconf.log, mdm-quiesce-notifier.log and bootstrap.log to /var/log/tas, with symlinks from old file paths to new file paths for backwards compatibility. (OPT-4904)

  • Added the rvt-gather_diags script to all node types.

  • Increased bootstrap timeout from 5 to 15 minutes to allow time (10 minutes) to establish connectivity to NTP servers. (OPT-4917)

  • Increase logging from tasks which run continuously, such as Postgres and SSH key management. (OPT-2773)

  • Avoid a tight loop when the CDS server is unavailable, which caused a high volume of logging. (OPT-4925)

  • SNMPv3 authentication key and privacy key are now stored encrypted in CDS. (OPT-3822)

  • Added a 3-minute timeout to the quiesce task runner to prevent quiescing from hanging indefinitely if one of the tasks hangs (OPT-5053)

  • The report-initconf command now reports quiesce failure separately to quiesce timeout. (#235188)

  • Added a list of SSH authorized keys for the low-privilege user to the product options section of the SDF. (#259004)

  • Store the public SSH host keys for VMs in a group in CDS instead of using ssh-keyscan to discover them. (#262397)

  • Add mechanism to CDS state to support forward-compatible extensions. (#230677)

  • Logs stored in CDS during quiesce will be removed after 28 days. (#314937)

  • The VMs are now named "Metaswitch Virtual Appliance". (OPT-3686)

  • Disabled vCloud guest customizations. (OPT-4548)

  • Fixed bug where Rhino SLEE state would not be preserved across a Rhino restart. (RHI-6378)

  • Ignored exceptions thrown when attempting to start the SLEE immediately after it has been started. (OPT-4019)

  • During upgrades, make the Rhino quiesce stage more efficient by splitting up tasks, and allowing the leader node more time to perform Postgres connection management. Allow 3 attempts to upload logging before continuing. (OPT-4859)

  • Fixed rare cases where initconf could become stuck on a call to the flushconfiguration command. (OPT-4810)

  • Ensured Rhino only listens for management commands on the management interface. (OPT-4934)

  • Moved all Rhino logs to /var/log/tas/rhino. (OPT-4906)

  • Changed permissions on the log files rhino.log and alarms.csv, so that all users - notably the viewer user - can now read them. (OPT-4906)

  • Fixed rare failure to converge when a node was booting while a different node was configuring an RA. (OPT-4927)

  • Updated postgres stop systemd timeout timer to from 60 minutes to 5 minutes. (OPT-5050)

  • Rhino will no longer restart or stop when PostgreSQL is restarted or stopped via systemctl. (#260638)

  • Failure to stop Rhino during quiesce will no longer prevent quiesce completing. (#296266)

  • Removed saving/restoring of OID mappings on nodes running Rhino. OID mappings are static now in Rhino. (OPT-4144)

  • Fixed an issue around enabling SNMP v3 in Rhino before the credentials had been configured. (#233470)

  • Fixed rare edge cases where benign extra Postgres connection references were added, or where the leader node could fail to converge due to a change in the set of desired Postgres connections. (OPT-5032)

  • Fixed an issue with rvt-config upload-config looking in the wrong directory for config files for custom nodes. (#268226)


  • Updated system package versions of bpftool, kernel, perf, python and xz to address security vulnerabilities.


  • Fixed an issue where VMs would send DNS queries for the localhost hostname. (#206220)

  • Fixed issue that meant rvtconfig upload-config would fail when running in an environment where the input device is not a TTY. When this case is detected upload-config will default to non-interactive confirmation -y. This preserves 4.0.0-26-1.0.0 (and earlier versions) in environments where an appropriate input device is not available. (#258542)

  • Fixed an issue where scheduled tasks could incorrectly trigger on a reconfiguration of their schedules. (#167317)

  • Added rvtconfig compare-config command and made rvtconfig upload-config check config differences and request confirmation before upload. There is a new -f flag that can be used with upload-config to bypass the configuration comparison. -y flag can now be used with upload-config to provide non-interactive confirmation in the case that the comparison shows differences. (OPT-4517)


  • Added the rvt-gather_diags script to all node types. (#94043)

  • Increased bootstrap timeout from 5 to 15 minutes to allow time (10 minutes) to establish connectivity to NTP servers. (OPT-4917)

  • Make rvtconfig validate not fail if fields are present in the SDF it does not recognize. (OPT-4699)

  • Added 3 new traffic schemes: "all signaling together except SIP", "all signaling together except HTTP", and "all traffic types separated". (#60997)

  • Fixed an issue where updated routing rules with the same target were not correctly applied. (#169195)

  • Scheduled tasks can now be configured to run more than once per day, week or month; and at different frequencies on different nodes. (OPT-4373)

  • Updated subnet validation to be done per-site rather than across the entire SDF deployment. (OPT-4412)

  • Fixed an issue where unwanted notification categories can be sent to SNMP targets. (OPT-4543)

  • Hardened linkerd by closing the prometheus stats port and changing the proxy port to listen on localhost only. (OPT-4840)

  • Added an optional node types field in the routing rules YAML configuration. This ensures the routing rule is only attempted to apply to VMs that are of the specified node types. (OPT-4079)

  • initconf will not exit on invalid configuration. VM will be allowed to quiesce or upload new configuration. (OPT-4389)

  • rvtconfig now only uploads a single group’s configuration to that group’s entry in CDS. This means that initconf no longer fails if some other node type has invalid configuration. (OPT-4392)

  • Fixed a race condition that could result in the quiescence tasks failing to run. (OPT-4468)

  • The rvtconfig upload-config command now displays leader seed information as part of the printed config version summary. (OPT-3962)

  • Added rvtconfig print-leader-seed command to display the current leader seed for a deployment and group. (OPT-3962)

  • Enum types stored in CDS cross-level refactored to string types to enable backwards compatibility. (OPT-4072)

  • Updated system package versions of bind, dhclient, dhcp, bpftool, libX11, linux-firmware, kernel, nspr, nss, openjdk and perf to address security vulnerabilities. (OPT-4332)

  • Made ip-address.ip field optional during validation for non-RVT VNFCs. RVT and Custom VNFCs will still require the field. (OPT-4532)

  • Fix SSH daemon configuration to reduce system log sizes due to error messages. (OPT-4538)

  • Allowed the primary user’s password to be configured in the product options in the SDF. (OPT-4448)

  • Shut down Rhino more gracefully during quiesce for upgrade, to avoid a service impacting issue on the last upgraded node. Also, make quiescing for upgrade more resilient if Rhino is unresponsive. (OPT-4356)

  • Removed JVM CMSTriggerInterval option from Rhino JVM to ensure CMS does not happen too often under low load. (OPT-4486)

  • Added missing initconf SNMP alarms to REM node type. (OPT-4510)

  • Updated system package version of glib2 to address security vulnerabilities. (OPT-4198)

  • Updated NTP services to ensure the system time is set correctly on system boot. (OPT-4204)

  • Include deletion of leader-node state in rvtconfig delete-node-type, resolving an issue where the first node deployed after running that command wouldn’t deploy until the leader was re-deployed. (OPT-4213)

  • Rolled back SIMPL support to 6.6.3. (OPT-43176)

  • Added the site name to the SAS system name. (OPT-4214)


  • Fixed some missing traffic schemes that weren’t available when deploying custom nodes using the SIMPL VM. (OPT-4088)

  • Disk and service monitor notification targets that use SNMPv3 are now configured correctly if both SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 are enabled. (OPT-4054)

  • Fixed issue where initconf would exit (and restart 15 minutes later) if it received a 400 response from the MDM. (OPT-4106)

  • The Sentinel GAA Cassandra keyspace is now created with a replication factor of 3. (OPT-4080)

  • snmptrapd is now enabled even if no targets are configured for system monitor notifications, in order to log any notifications that would have been sent. (OPT-4102)

  • Fixed bug where the SNMPv3 user’s authentication and/or privacy keys could not be changed. (OPT-4102)

  • Making SNMPv3 queries to the VMs now requires encryption. (OPT-4102)

  • Fixed bug where system monitor notification traps would not be sent if SNMPv3 is enabled but v2c is not. Note that these traps are still sent as v2c only, even when v2c is not otherwise in use. (OPT-4102)

  • Removed support for the signaling and signaling2 traffic type names. All traffic types should now be specified using the more granular names, such as ss7. Refer to the page Traffic types and traffic schemes in the Install Guide for a list of available traffic types. (OPT-3820)

  • Ensured ntpd is in slew mode, but always step the time on boot before Cassandra, Rhino and OCSS7 start. (OPT-4131, OPT-4143)

  • Added validation to prevent Rhino restarts from being scheduled for invalid times. (OPT-4042)

  • Fixed issue where an alarm for a failed Rhino restart would not be raised or cleared. (OPT-4043)

  • Fixed issue where Rhino would start too early during the configuration process if scheduled restarts were configured. (OPT-4043)

  • The Rhino SNMP system name is now set to the VM’s hostname. (OPT-4078)


  • Changed the rvtconfig delete-node-type command to also delete OID mappings as well as all virtual machine events for the specified version from cross-level group state. (OPT-3745)

  • Fixed systemd units so that systemd does not restart Java applications after a systemctl kill. (OPT-3938)

  • Added additional validation rules for traffic types in the SDF. (OPT-3834)

  • Increased the severity of SNMP alarms raised by the disk monitor. (OPT-3987)

  • Added --cds-address and --cds-addresses aliases for the -c parameter in rvtconfig. (OPT-3785)


  • Added support for separation of traffic types onto different network interfaces. (OPT-3818)

  • Improved the validation of SDF and YAML configuration files, and the errors reported when validation fails. (OPT-3656)

  • Added logging of the instance ID of the leader while waiting during initconf. (OPT-3558)

  • Do not use YAML anchors/aliases in the example SDFs. (OPT-3606)

  • Fixed a race condition that could cause initconf to hang indefinitely. (OPT-3742)

  • Improved error reporting in rvtconfig.

  • Updated SIMPL VM dependency to 6.6.1. (OPT-3857)

  • Adjusted linkerd OOM score so it will no longer be terminated by the OOM killer (OPT-3780)

  • Disabled all yum repositories. (OPT-3781)

  • Disabled the TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 algorithms for Java. (OPT-3781)

  • Changed initconf to treat the reload-resource-adaptors flag passed to rvtconfig as an intrinsic part of the configuration, when determining if the configuration has been updated. (OPT-3766)

  • Updated system package versions of bind, bpftool, kernel, nettle, perf and screen to address security vulnerabilities. (OPT-3874)

  • Added an option to rvtconfig dump-config to dump the config to a specified directory. (OPT-3876)

  • Fixed the confirmation prompt for rvtconfig delete-node-type and rvtconfig delete-deployment commands when run on the SIMPL VM. (OPT-3707)

  • Corrected a regression and a race condition that prevented configuration being reapplied after a leader seed change. (OPT-3862)

  • Changed validation of input JDKs to allow Oracle JDKs. (OPT-3386)

  • Limit the number of Rhino persistence instances to 3. (OPT-3884)

  • Make initconf more resilient to management lock timeouts. (OPT-3920)

  • If Rhino is clustered, only import the downlevel SNMP OIDs on the leader node. (OPT-3921)


  • All SDFs are now combined into a single SDF named sdf-rvt.yaml. (OPT-2286)

  • Added the ability to set certain OS-level (kernel) parameters via YAML configuration. (OPT-3403)

  • Updated to SIMPL 6.5.0. (OPT-3358, OPT-3545)

  • Make the default gateway optional for the clustering interface. (OPT-3417)

  • initconf will no longer block startup of a configured VM if MDM is unavailable. (OPT-3206)

  • Enforce a single secrets-private-key in the SDF. (OPT-3441)

  • Made the message logged when waiting for config be more detailed about which parameters are being used to determine which config to retrieve. (OPT-3418)

  • Removed image name from example SDFs, as this is derived automatically by SIMPL. (OPT-3485)

  • Make systemctl status output for containerised services not print benign errors. (OPT-3407)

  • Added a command delete-node-type to facilitate re-deploying a node type after a failed deployment. (OPT-3406)

  • Updated system package versions of glibc, iwl1000-firmware, net-snmp and perl to address security vulnerabilities. (OPT-3620)

  • Renamed the example Rhino and REM users in the VM pool config files. (OPT-3503)

  • Changed the implementation of the Rhino systemd service to make it more robust to failures. (OPT-3455)

  • Ensure new config gets processed while waiting for Rhino convergence. (OPT-3476)


  • Fix bug (affecting 4.0.0-7-1.0.0 only) where rvtconfig was not reporting the public version string, but rather the internal build version (OPT-3268).

  • Update sudo package for CVE-2021-3156 vulnerability (OPT-3497)

  • Validate the product-options for each node type in the SDF. (OPT-3321)

  • Clustered MDM installations are now supported. Initconf will failover across multiple configured MDMs. (OPT-3181)


  • If YAML validation fails, print the filename where an error was found alongside the error. (OPT-3108)

  • Improved support for backwards compatibility with future CDS changes. (OPT-3274)

  • Change the report-initconf script to check for convergence since the last time config was received. (OPT-3341)

  • Improved exception handling when CDS is not available. (OPT-3288)

  • Change rvtconfig upload-config and rvtconfig initial-configure to read the deployment ID from the SDFs and not a command line argument. (OPT-3111)

  • Publish imageless CSARs for all node types. (OPT-3410)

  • Added message to initconf.log explaining some Cassandra errors are expected. (OPT-3081)

  • Updated system package versions of bpftool, dbus, kernel, nss, openssl and perf to address security vulnerabilities.


  • Updated to SIMPL 6.4.3. (OPT-3254)

  • When using a release version of rvtconfig, the correct this-rvtconfig version is now used. (OPT-3268)

  • All REM setup is now completed before restarting REM, to avoid unnecessary restarts. (OPT-3189)

  • Updated system package versions of bind-*, curl, kernel, perf and python-* to address security vulnerabilities. (OPT-3208)

  • Added support for routing rules on the Signaling2 interface. (OPT-3191)

  • Configured routing rules are now ignored if a VM does not have that interface. (OPT-3191)

  • Added support for absolute paths in rvtconfig CSAR container. (OPT-3077)

  • The existing Rhino OIDs are now always imported for the current version. (OPT-3158)

  • Changed behaviour of initconf to not restart resource adaptors by default, to avoid an unexpected outage. A restart can be requested using the --reload-resource-adaptors parameter to rvtconfig upload-config. (OPT-2906)

  • Changed the SAS resource identifier to match the provided SAS resource bundles. (OPT-3322)

  • Added information about MDM and SIMPL to the documentation. (OPT-3074)


  • Added list-config and describe-config operations to rvtconfig to list configurations already in CDS and describe the meaning of the special this-vm and this-rvtconfig values. (OPT-3064)

  • Renamed rvtconfig initial-configure to rvtconfig upload-config, with the old command remaining as a synonym. (OPT-3064)

  • Fixed rvtconfig pre-upgrade-init-cds to create a necessary table for upgrades from 3.1.0. (OPT-3048)

  • Fixed crash due to missing Cassandra tables when using rvtconfig pre-upgrade-init-cds. (OPT-3094)

  • rvtconfig pre-upgrade-init-cds and rvtconfig push-pre-upgrade-state now supports absolute paths in arguments. (OPT-3094)

  • Reduced timeout for DNS server failover. (OPT-2934)

  • Updated rhino-node-id max to 32767. (OPT-3153)

  • Diagnostics at the top of initconf.log now include system version and CDS group ID. (OPT-3056)

  • Random passwords for the Rhino client and server keystores are now generated and stored in CDS. (OPT-2636)

  • Updated to SIMPL 6.4.0. (OPT-3179)

  • Increased the healthcheck and decommision timeouts to 20 minutes and 15 minutes respectively. (OPT-3143)

  • Updated example SDFs to work with MDM 2.28.0, which is now the supported MDM version. (OPT-3028)

  • Added support to report-initconf for handling rolled over initconf-json.log files. The script can now read historic log files when building a report if necessary. (OPT-1440)

  • Fixed potential data loss in Cassandra when doing an upgrade or rollback. (OPT-3004)

  • Revised the way SAS system name, type and version are configured. In particular, the system type is now set to the image name, rather than just custom, and the system name will default to a combination of the image name and node ID (or VM index), rather than just Rhino. (OPT-3011)


  • Rhino SNMP OID mappings are now preserved automatically during upgrades. (OPT-2826)

  • Initconf now raises an alarm if a task could not be completed due to an uncaught exception. Following this the task will be retried up to five times, after which a further alarm will be raised and no more retries attempted. (OPT-2707)

  • It is now required to upload configuration for the uplevel VMs before performing a rolling upgrade. (OPT-2750)

  • Secrets are now automatically encrypted in the SDF and do not have to be encrypted using rvtconfig encrypt-secret. (OPT-2451, OPT-2574)

  • Logs are now archived on CDS when nodes are quiesced. (OPT-2671)

  • snmptrapd system SNMP notifications can now be disabled independently from Rhino SNMP notifications. (OPT-2932)

  • Fix an issue where SNMP notification target changes were not propagated correctly. (OPT-2495)


  • First release of the custom node

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