A SIS module is an optional feature of the SIS that can be installed separately. Each module requires a right-to-use license. A module is packaged as a zip archive that you uncompress from <rhino-home>.
All modules install to:


Each SIS module includes: a command-line extension library with additional management commands
(beyond sis-console); and an install directory with the software, configuration files, and an installer application.

Installation package

Each module installation package has the following structure:

  • the install directory:

  • a shell script that runs the installer application:

  • a subdirectory with all deployable units, and any other files and directories required to install the module:


Licensing and activation

The module installation process:

  • checks that module functions are licensed (some module functions may be covered by your SIS license)

  • prompts you to install a license

  • tries to activate the module.


  • You can always install a license for and manually activate a module after installing it.

  • See the SIS Administration Guide for more details about installing and configuring the optional modules available with this release.

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