Branching in an interceptor lets you execute different logic depending on the outcome of some expression.


If the SIS evaluates the following sample composition script for a particular IN call:

  • From the initial request, the SIS will invoke one of either InterceptorComponent1 or InterceptorComponent2, and InterceptorComponent3.

  • For any subsequence call events that Service1 is interested in receiving, the SIS will first invoke the interceptor extension component InterceptorComponent3 only, as the initial-dp variable is only present if the event being delivered is an InitialDP initial request.

VIA diagram

conditions interceptor

Script XML

 <invoke service="Service1">
       <present variable="${initial-dp}"/>
           <equal a="${initial-dp.arg.service-key}" b="10"/>
             <invoke-extension extension="InterceptorComponent1"/>
             <invoke-extension extension="InterceptorComponent2"/>
     <invoke-extension extension="InterceptorComponent3"/>
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