To terminate a composition script evaluation normally during initial event processing, you can include a <halt> element in a service input or output interceptor script block.

This stops the composition from including any more composition services. The SIS will also terminate any further evaluation of the interceptor upon encountering a <halt>.

Warning The <halt> element in a service input interceptor also stops the composition service that is target of the <invoke> element that contains that service input interceptor from being included in the composition.

A <halt> statement will only halt composition evaluation while the SIS is processing the initial event. If the SIS encounters a <halt> while processing a subsequent event, or while evaluating an interceptor invoked directly by a SLEE application, the only effect will be to terminate further interceptor evaluation.

The syntax of a <halt> statement for an interceptor is the same as that for compositions.

  • For IN — the composition output interceptor (if defined for the composition) still processes the response that the halt generates, before the SIS sends the final response out on the network.

  • For SIP — if a halt forwards the request (the default halt behaviour), the SIS passes the request to the composition output interceptor (if defined for the composition) before sending it out on the network. The SIS does not invoke the composition output interceptor when the halt rejects the request with an error response.

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