It is possible to delete user variables or the values of some SIS-defined variables in a composition using the <delete> element.

The <delete> element used in a composition is identical to that which can be used in an expression, however when used in a composition the SIS disregards the return result of the deletion attempt.

  • Deleting a variable representing a SIP header (or header parameter) deletes that header (or header parameter) from the current message.

  • Deleting a user variable removes that user variable from the composition.


The example shows a composition that invokes one service, deletes the orig parameter from the Route header’s URI, then invokes one more service with the modified request.

VIA diagram

delete sip

Script XML

    <invoke service="VPN"/>
    <delete variable="${route.uri.param.orig}"/>
    <invoke service="Prepay"/>
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