The OpenCloud Service Interaction SLEE (SIS) provides service brokering and service interaction functionality for both SS7 and IMS networks. The OpenCloud SIS is a very powerful, flexible, and extendable, script-driven service-interaction platform that is part of the OpenCloud Rhino product suite. OpenCloud SIS can be used as standalone middleware, or as an integral part of the OpenCloud Rhino platform.

sis archtecture

The SIS builds on the power of the Rhino platform, so it can support local JAIN SLEE services (acting as an IN SCP or a SIP AS). The SIS can trigger and control both local and external services — and let you combine them into more complex services.

With an OpenCloud SIS, developers can:

  • Script service-logic interactions that can handle any application, network service, or protocol — hosted on Rhino or another platform (such as traditional SCPs)

  • Separate the interaction logic (executed in the SIS) from the service code

  • Combine multiple independent services (including a combination of SCP, SIP AS and Rhino-hosted services) to form new services

  • Manage service interaction by isolating and controlling how services interact.

Support for IN and SIP

The OpenCloud SIS supports different network protocols, including:

  • IN protocols ETSI INAP CS1 and CAPv1 through CAPv4 (voice and SMS)

  • SIP and its 3GPP/IMS extensions.

The OpenCloud SIS builds on the Rhino platform, so local services can use all of the OpenCloud resource APIs available (for example, MAP, Diameter, HTTP, SOAP, SMPP, MM7 and so on).

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