Any number of interceptor extension components can be invoked sequentially in an interceptor script block.

An extension component is invoked using an <invoke-extension> element and has the following possible attributes:

Type Name Description Optional?



The extension component to be invoked. Must refer to an extension component of type INTERCEPTOR defined in the SIS (using an extension reference)




Specifies the timeout period, measured in milliseconds, that the SIS will wait for a response from the extension component. If present, this timeout overrides the default timeout configured for the extension component.



Below is an example of a composition that uses a service input interceptor to invoke an interceptor extension component. The service node on the VIA diagram has its input interceptor filled in (indicating the interceptor has been defined). You double-click on the interceptor to open the interceptor diagram.

VIA diagrams

svc input interceptor
interceptor extension

Script XML

  <invoke service="VPN">
      <invoke-extension extension="InterceptorComponent1"/>
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