To create a network interface definition, use the following sis-console command, Ant task, or related MBean operation.

Console command



createnetworkinterface <ra-entity> <interface-name> (<property-name> <property-value>)*
    Add a new network interface definition to the SIS.  Optionally followed by a
    list of property names and values for the interface
Note For a list of supported properties for each type of network interface, please see Network Interface Properties.
Warning You must specify a value for each network interface property that does not have a default value, when you create a network interface.


To create a SIS-IN network interface definition called default-in with properties:

  • local-sccp-address : type=c7,ri=pcssn,pc=4012,ssn=123

  • stack : `signalware

  • signalware.backends : signalware-host:10123

in the SIS instance named sis:

$ ./sis-console createnetworkinterface sis default-in \
    local-sccp-address type=c7,ri=pcssn,pc=4012,ssn=123 \
    stack signalware \
    signalware.backends signalware-host:10123
Created network interface definition default-in

Ant task



<createnetworkinterface name="...">
    <property name="..." value="..."/>


To create a SIS-IN network interface definition called default-in with the example property values shown for the sis-console:

    <createnetworkinterface name="default-in">
        <property name="local-sccp-address" value="type=c7,ri=pcssn,pc=4012,ssn=123"/>
        <property name="stack" value="signalware"/>
        <property name="signalware.backends" value="signalware-host:10123"/>

or to create a SIS-SIP network interface definition called default-sip

    <createnetworkinterface name="default-sip">
        <property name="IPAddress" value="AUTO"/>
        <property name="ViaSentByAddress" value=""/>
        <property name="VirtualAddresses" value="sip-host:5086"/>
        <property name="Port" value="5086"/>
        <property name="SecurePort" value="5087"/>

MBean operation




To create a network interface definition:

public ObjectName createNetworkInterfaceDefinition(String name, Map<String,String> properties)
    throws NullPointerException, InvalidArgumentException,
           AlreadyDeployedException, InvalidConfigurationException,
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SIS Version 2.7.0