To repair failed addresses in an external platform definition, use the following sis-console commands or related MBean operations.

Warning An external address that has failed must be repaired before the SIS can resume using it.

The SIS can repair addresses automatically (see Detecting Failed External Addresses). However it may be necessary to repair addresses manually if:

  • automatic repair has been disabled in the external platform definition

  • the administrator wants to immediately resume using the address, rather than waiting for automatic repair.

Console commands



repairexternalplatformaddress <ra-entity> <name> <position>

Repair a failed address at the specified position in an external platform definition

Note This command clears any alarms that were raised when the external address failed.


To repair the failed address at position 0 in an external platform definition called Prepaid-External:

$ ./sis-console repairexternalplatformsipaddress sis Prepaid-External 0
Repaired failed address at position 0 in external platform definition Prepaid-External

MBean operations




To repair a failed address in an external platform definition:

public void repairAddress(int position)
    throws InvalidArgumentException, InvalidStateException, ManagementException;
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SIS Version 2.7.0