Below are instructions and an example of using sis-import to import an exported SIS instance.


To import an exported SIS instance:


First, set up prerequisites for importing the exported SIS instance:

  • Install the SIS.

  • Create the SIS instance.

  • Install any services or extension components the SIS instance will depend on.


Then verify properties and run the import:

  • First check the file in the SIS export directory,
    and update it if necessary.

    This file defines a value for the sis.home property, which indicates the SIS install that will be used for the import (and consequently the Rhino SLEE that will be connected to).

  • To import the state of a SIS export directory into a Rhino SLEE, run the sis-import tool in the SIS admin directory, passing as a parameter the path of the SIS export directory.

    (You can also manually run Ant directly, specifying the build.xml file in the export directory as the Ant build file to run.)


Below is a sample import of an exported SIS instance:

$ cd sis/in/
$ ./sis-import ../../../sis_export
Buildfile: ../../../build.xml
     [echo] Loading properties from /home/user/rhino/sis/in/
     [echo] Loading properties from /home/user/rhino/sis/in/
     [echo] Loading properties from /home/user/rhino/sis/in/

     [echo] Open Cloud Rhino SLEE Management tasks defined

[slee-management] Establishing new connection to localhost:1199
[slee-management] Connected to localhost:1199 (101) [Rhino-SDK (version='2.7', release='0.2', build='201911180954', revision='1c064dc')]

[sis-in-management] Connected to admin@localhost:1199/sis-in
[sis-in-management] [Failed] Network interface definition already exists: sis-in-default
[sis-in-management] [Failed] Network interface sis-in-default is already enabled
[sis-in-management] [Failed] A default route is already specified for this SIS instance
[sis-in-management] Fine-grained tracing disabled
[sis-in-management] Audit level set to NONE
[sis-in-management] Default service timeout set to 2000ms
[sis-in-management] Reloaded SIS RA Entity sis-in

Total time: 1 second
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SIS Version 2.7.0