This document details basic procedures for system administrators managing, maintaining, configuring and deploying OpenCloud’s Service Interaction SLEE (SIS) 2.7.0 with Rhino.


This document includes the following topics:

  • About the SIS — a brief overview of the SIS and how it provides service interaction, with a focus on its functional description, configuration and subscription data, components and dependencies, and command-line console.

  • Installing and uninstalling the SIS — procedures for installing the SIS automatically and manually, and uninstalling the SIS.

  • Creating, removing, and reconfiguring a SIS instance — procedures for creating a SIS instance automatically and manually, removing a SIS instance, and reconfiguring a SIS instance.

  • Managing the SIS — using console commands, Ant tasks, and MBeans to manage SIS configuration, compositions, triggers, macros, address subscriptions, service key subscriptions, service configurations trigger-address tracing, and fine-grained tracing.

  • Using SIS modules — using and installing optional features available with the SIS.

  • Appendixes — details of SIS XML schema files, the SCCP address format, alarms, and recorded statistics (for network-initiated dialogs, service-initiated dialogs and service statistics).


This document is for system administrators (and anyone else responsible for) deploying, managing and maintaining the SIS on a Rhino SLEE.

This document assumes a basic knowledge of core concepts about Rhino, SIS, JAIN SLEE, and Java Management Extensions (JMX).


This document covers procedures for deploying and administering the OpenCloud SIS.

This document does not focus on:

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