SIS command-line administration tools, in the admin directory of the SIS install, include:

Tool Description

Installs the SIS into Rhino (or Rhino SDK), and creates profile tables used to store basic configuration data for SIS instances.
See Installing the SIS for details.


Creates a SIS instance for IN or SIP respectively. These tools prompt for configuration parameters necessary to create a SIS instance, then perform the necessary actions in Rhino (or Rhino SDK) to realise the SIS instance.
See Creating a SIS Instance for details.


A command-line console that is an extension of rhino-console, that supports the set of SIS commands as well as the normal Rhino commands.
See Managing the SIS for details of console commands specific to the SIS.


Extracts the current state of a SIS instance, including macros, triggers, compositions, and so on; and generates an Ant build script that can be used (in conjunction with a standard Rhino state export) to regenerate the SIS instance in another Rhino (or Rhino SDK).
See Exporting SIS State for details.


Helper tool to execute an Ant build script generated by sis-export.
See Importing SIS State for details.

Tip SIS administration tools are specific to the type of SIS install they belong to. That is to say the tools included in a SIS-IN install can only operate on SIS-IN SIS instances, and those included with a SIS-SIP install can only operate on SIS-SIP SIS instances.
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SIS Version 2.7.0