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Applicable contexts

SS7 Service, SIP Service

SAS Support


Prerequisite Features


Notifies the Sentinel core to not charge the session. If Sentinel decides to let the session proceed, it will be a free session. Sentinel may still monitor the session unless another feature instructs Sentinel to not monitor the session (see DoNotMonitorSession feature). This is an initial trigger feature which can run before or after the credit check. If run before the credit check, it will prevent the credit check taking place and Sentinel will not establish a session with the OCS. If run after the credit check, it will cause Sentinel to finalize the OCS session reporting 0 used units.


Immediate Event Charging behaviour

When Immediate Event Charging (IEC) is used (for example, for SMS) then running this feature post-credit-check can result in a refund being sent to the OCS if the session was previously charged. Running this feature pre-credit-check will result in no OCS interactions. Session termination methods such as ConnectAndClose and ContinueAndClose will not refund credit by default, so if a refund is required in those cases then this feature must be run post-credit-check.

Session state inputs and outputs

This feature does not read from or write to session state.

Error scenarios

This feature has no error conditions.

Feature responses

Response Reason


intended behaviour


feature has finished


This feature is not configurable.

Provisioning interfaces

This feature has no provisioning interfaces.

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Sentinel Express Version 2.9.0