Configuration name

OCS Destination Configuration

Applicable contexts

SS7/SIP/Diameter service

The OCS Destination Configuration references specific OCS connections which can be used by Sentinel during the course of a session.

Whenever Sentinel has to interact with an OCS during the course of a session, it determines the connection to be used from an OCS configuration. First, it tries to find the OCS Destination Configuration referenced by the current value of the OcsId session state field. If no such OcsId is found in session state, Sentinel looks up the default OCS Configuration profile.


The OCS Destination configuration includes:

Parameters Value Description



The ID of this OCS Destination configuration. If the OcsId session state field is set and matches this field, then this OCS Destination configuration will be used when establishing the connection to the OCS.



The value to be used in the Destination-Realm-AVP for outgoing Credit-Control-Requests to this OCS.



The value to be used in the Destination-Host-AVP for outgoing Credit-Control-Requests to this OCS.

Configuration profile naming

Configuration Profile Table Name Description Profile Naming


OCS Destination configuration

SentinelSelectionKey:OcsId (for example, OpenCloud:::::Ocs1)

Diameter RA configuration profile

The Destination Realm and Destination Host in each OCS configuration must reference a Realm and Host defined in the diameter RA Peer and realm configuration.

Provisioning interfaces

The configuration can be provisioned using the Sentinel machine provisioning API.

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Sentinel Express Version 2.9.0