Configuration name

SIP Session Control

Applicable contexts

SIP service

The SIP Session Control Configuration determines how the SIP Sentinel service controls the duration of sessions.


The default behaviour of Sentinel is to: control session duration via SLEE timers.

If the configuration is missing or invalid, Sentinel defaults to ‘notControlled’ for the SipSessionControlMethod.

The SIP session control configuration includes:

Parameters Description


Indicates how sessions should be controlled by the SIP Sentinel service. This may be set to ‘notControlled’ (if the service should not control session duration), or ‘controlViaSleeTimer’ (if session duration will be managed by SLEE timers).

Configuration profile naming

Configuration Profile Table Name Description Profile Naming


Service configuration

SentinelSelectionKey (for example, OpenCloud::::)

Provisioning interfaces

The configuration can be provisioned using the Sentinel machine provisioning API — see SIP Session Control REST API.

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Sentinel Express Version 2.9.0