Warning Dialogs can only be created between existing roles (so before you can create a dialog, you must create at least two roles).

To create a dialog:


Select Add Dialog from the Edit menu, or click Add Dialog on the toolbar, or drag between roles lines.

The Adding a New Dialog…​ dialog box displays.

dialog editor

Tip The dialog color can be used to differentiate between dialogs if you need to create multiple dialogs between the same two roles.


Select roles and a protocol from the drop-down lists, type a name and description for the dialog, and click Create.

The dialog displays in the dialog list at the top of the Scenario Editor.

dialog created

Editing and deleting dialogs
  • To edit a dialog, double-click it in the dialog list.
    New dialogs automatically populate with a default message based on the protocol
    (in the example, OpenRequest).

  • To delete a dialog, click to select it and press Delete, or right click on the role and select Delete from the context menu.

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