The VIA main program window is called the workbench.


As shown in the illustration, the workbench includes:

SISview SIS View — projects open in the VIA, and their SIS components.

  • Double-clicking a SIS component (trigger, macro, interceptor, or composition) opens its diagram in the Editor window.

  • Double-clicking a service reference, extension reference, or interceptor reference opens its properties in a Dialog window.

  • Right-clicking any node in the tree structure opens a context (popup) menu with operations you can perform on that SIS component or part of the project structure.

Probview Problems view — all error and warning markers in open projects.

Edwin Editor window — SIS component diagrams (tabbed for multiple components).

  • palette Editor Palette (part of the Editor window) — visual component nodes, which you can drop onto the diagram canvas (varies depending on the type of diagram editor in the Editor window, for example a composition diagram has different palette entries than a trigger diagram).

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