You can change global and project-specific VIA properties and settings through the following configuration files:

Configuration file Location Properties and settings

the configuration subfolder of the VIA installation directory

global VIA configuration properties and settings, including:

  • font and color settings for diagram elements

  • pre-defined IN and SIP variable names (such as initial-dp.service-key or connect.calling-party-number), for variable selection boxes throughout the VIA GUI

  • other settings (such as the RMI timeout).


the base folder of each VIA project in the workspace

project-specific VIA configuration properties and settings, including:

You need to restart the VIA to effect any changes to its configuration files.

Example: adding a global variable

To include a new variable to the variable-selection boxes throughout the VIA GUI, you would add its name to the semicolon-separated list of variable names of one or more of the following properties in


Example: adding a service reference to a project

Normally, you would manipulate service and extension references through operations in the VIA GUI. Although it’s discouraged, you could instead manually add a service reference to a local service for a project — by adding the reference string, in the following format, to the list of references in the property service-refs in the project’s .scim file:

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