To create a new service reference in VIA:


Select New ▶ Service Reference from the File menu.


The Service Reference Creation Wizard opens.


Select the project you want the new service reference to belong to, and click Next.

Tip If the project you want to associate the service reference with does not appear in the list, make sure it’s open. (Only open projects appear in the selection list.)

The wizard prompts you to specify service reference properties.


Enter the service reference’s:

  • Reference name — the service reference name, which other components will use to refer to the service

  • Local or External — whether this service reference refers to a local SLEE or external service; this selection enables controls for entering either the SLEE Service ID or External Platform ID

  • Name, vendor, version: — (for a local SLEE service)

  • External platform name — (for an external service).

Figure 1. Local Properties
Figure 2. External Properties
Tip the Select from SIS functionality is not currently available.
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