What is the Correlation RA?

The Correlation RA provides a mechanism to allocate a routing number with correlation data. The routing number and associated correlation data is replicated across the Rhino cluster. All nodes in the cluster have access to read/write correlation data.

This is used in the IP-SM-GW in order to allocate a correlation IMSI as part of the MT Delivery flows. The feature that performs this function is the Generate MT Correlation Id feature.

For more information about the RA itself refer to the Correlation RA documentation.

Note The Correlation Ra Configurer in the installer configures the GenerateMTCorrelationIdFeature which makes use of the CorrelationProvider. The generate mt correlation id feature in IPSMGW Configuration
Note If a change is made to any of the profiles, run the following command to activate the changes:
rhino-console updateraentityconfigproperties ipsmgw-correlation-ra
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Sentinel IP-SM-GW Version 4.1