This feature reads Third Party Registration information stored in the Cassandra Database, and writes it into session state. Information is read during MT ForwardSM processing. It reads the Third Party Registration information via the Cassandra CQL RA. For more information refer to Cassandra Storage.

Feature cheat sheet

Feature Name Network Operator Data Used in PlanId(s) Stateful or Stateless POJO Feature or SBB Feature






Prerequisite features

These features must run after Fetch Routing Info Cassandra.

Network operator data

This data is stored in a JSLEE configuration profile table, called RegistrarConfigurationTable.

For more information, see Registrar Configuration Table

The data is scoped according to a Sentinel selection key.

Session input and output variables

Session input variables

Session State variable name Variable type



SentinelDestinationDomain defined in Shared Configuration Profile


Session output variables

Session State variable name Variable type Comments



The list of registration records for the subscriber



True, if the feature found a valid record in the database and if the Contacts header contains the indication g.3gpp.smsip


IPSMGWRegistrationLookupFromCassandra statistics are tracked by the sentinel.ipsmgw SBB and can be found under the following parameter set in REM:
SLEE-Usage → sentinel.ipsmgw service → sentinel.ipsmgw SBB → feature → IPSMGWRegistrationLookupFromCassandra
or with rhino-stats:

Statistic Incremented when…​

the MSISDN is empty


Registration found in the database


an exception occurs in cassandra


the database is queried


could not find an active subscriber in the database


found a valid record in the database and the Contacts header contains the indication g.3gpp.smsip


found a valid subscriber in the database but its status is not active.


The feature has no configuration.


The feature reads the RegistrarConfiguration to determine which one of the assocuris or the assocuris_v2 tables to query. See Registrar Configuration Table for more information. If the private-id is being used as the registrar primary key, then assocuris_v2 is queried. It then queries the chosen table in the Cassandra database using a Primary Key of the IMS Public Identity of the Served User constructed from the MSISDN provided by the SRI request. It creates a TEL URI using the MSISDN, and if can’t find the subscriber in the database it creates a SIP URI using the domain specified in SentinelDestinationDomain from Shared Configuration Profile and query the database again.

User logged in

The RegistrationRecords session state field is set to a List of RegistrationRecord if the indication g.3gpp.smsip is present in the Contacts header. Each element in the list indicates a device, with public and private IDs, that the subscriber is registered on. If the subscriber is registered on only one device, there is only one element in the list. If the subscriber is simultaneously registered on (say) four devices, there will be four elements in the list.

User not logged in

If the user is not logged in, the feature finishes execution without modifying any state.

Support for SMS over IP

If, during the registration process, the subscriber indicates if supports SMS over IP, then the feature sets the field IsSMSOverIPRegistered to true. The presence of the string g.3gpp.smsip in the Contacts header indicates that the subscriber supports SMS over IP. In this case the IPSMGW will try to forward the message to the PS network.

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Sentinel IP-SM-GW Version 4.1