This feature links incoming SIP delivery reports with the sentinel session that the delivery report is responding to.

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Feature Name Network Operator Data Used in PlanId(s) Stateful or Stateless POJO Feature or SBB Feature






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IPSMGWGenerateMessageReference statistics are tracked by the sentinel.ipsmgw SBB and can be found under the following parameter set in REM:
SLEE-Usage → sentinel.ipsmgw service → IPSMGW Delivery Report Handover Feature SBB
or with rhino-stats:

Statistic Incremented when…​

The incoming delivery report was not matched against an existing ApplicationContextInterface


The incoming delivery report was successfully matched against an existing ApplicationContextInterface


The feature has no configuration.


The Delivery Report Handover feature is run as part of the PS delivery leg in the MT SMS flow. The PS Delivery feature will send an SMS over IP message. The call id of this message will be used to store the activity context of the session, using the Activity Context naming facility. On receipt of the message, the endpoint will generate a delivery report (with a message-type-indicator of RP_ACK or RP_ERROR) to indicate success or failure of the MT message. This delivery report message will be classified by the Determine Is SMS Over IP feature, and will trigger the Delivery Report Handover feature.

When the Delivery Report Handover feature is triggered on an incoming SIP Delivery Report, the feature extracts the value of the 'InReplyTo' header from the incoming SIP MESSAGE and searches for Application Contexts registered against that value in the ACI Naming Facility.

  • If a match is found, the triggering message is handed over to the original session - the PS delivery feature will be triggered in the original session, and it will process the Delivery Report. The session in which the Delivery Report Handover feature is running will be ended.

  • If no match is found, the session is ended with a 404.

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Sentinel IP-SM-GW Version 4.1