The Legacy CDR format has an on-disk format defined using Google protocol buffers (aka protobuf).

There is a common "types definition" schema file that is used by multiple Sentinel Services for their CDRs. These types are called "base types". Each Sentinel Service then defines its own CDRs using these types and defining its own types.

Base types

The base types are used in CDRs for Sentinel SS7, Sentinel Diameter Mediation.

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Sentinel SS7 Service CDR format

The Sentinel SS7 service defines two CDR formats, one for CAP calls, and the other for CAP3 SMS.

CAP Calls

CAP call use the following format for its CDR files (out of the box).

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CAP3 SMS support ses the following format for its CDR files (out of the box).

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Sentinel Diameter Mediation Service CDR format

The Sentinel Diameter Mediation service defines a CDR format.

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