Feature name


Applicable contexts

SS7 service, SIP service

Prerequisite Features


The Test Set Session State feature allows setting session state fields to arbitrary values based on its configuration.

Session state inputs and outputs


One or more session state fields will be set to pre-configured values. Only specific field types can be set — see the configuration section below.

Error scenarios

Scenario Handling

Missing configuration

Report featureCannotStart

Invalid configuration

Report featureCannotStart

Feature responses

Response Reason


feature has finished


The Test Set Session State feature:

  • is configured through the TestSetSessionStateConfigTable profile table

  • uses all configuration profiles found in this table

Each profile used represents configuration for a single session state field. The naming of the individual profiles does not matter.

Each profile has the following fields:

Parameters Description


The name of the field to set. (e.g. MySessionStateField)


The type of the field to set. This must equal one of the valid types as listed in the table below. (e.g. java.lang.Integer)


The value to set the field to. (e.g. 7)

The feature supports the following session state field types:

  • java.lang.String

  • java.lang.Integer

  • java.lang.Long

  • java.lang.Boolean

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Sentinel Express Version 2.7.0