The WriteRegistrarAuditCdr feature writes an audit Call Detail Record (CDR) that summarises the action taken on the triggered REGISTER request. The behaviour of the WriteRegistrarAuditCdr feature can be influenced by the platform level registrar configuration (Registrar Configuration Table). In particular:

Field Name Description


This property is true if audit CDRs should be written. The default value is false.


A private-id for which an audit CDR should be written. This setting has the highest priority and over-rides 'WriteAuditCdr'. Values of null or "" are ignored. If the private-id that the registrar has extracted from the 1st party REGISTER request and response is equal to the value of AuditCdrPrivateIdFilter then an audit CDR is written.


The cdr stream where audit CDRs are written

If there is a failure of any kind the WriteRegistrarAuditCdr feature will attempt to write the CDR as a warning trace message and increment relevant statistics.


Feature script name


Applicable contexts

SIP service

Prerequisite features


Feature responses


If the CDR resource adaptor is not operational, there was a failure creating a Call Detail Record, or there was a failure to write the Call Detail Record.


Once the feature finishes


Statistic When incremented


There was a failure whilst creating the CDR


Either the CDR resource adaptor was not operational, or there was a failure whilst writing the CDR.


The feature encounters any fatal error and alerts the core.

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Sentinel Express Version 2.7.0