Feature name


Applicable contexts

SS7 service

Prerequisite Features

Optional: Any feature setting the UserReleaseCause session state field

The Release Call And Close Dialog feature is a very simple feature that instructs Sentinel to release the call or SMS and close the dialog with the MSC. The following release cause codes are used by default:

  • for calls:

    • when used during Initial Trigger handling: CLASS_1_CALL_REJECTED (21)

    • when used during End Session handling: CLASS_1_NORMAL_CALL_CLEARING (16)

  • for SMSes:

    • if the latest OCS reply (if any) indicates an unknown user, then: UNKNOWN_SUBSCRIBER (30)

    • otherwise: RESERVED (11)

If a different release cause code is needed, another feature can be run before the Release Call And Close Dialog feature to set the CCUserReleaseCause or CCUserReleaseCause session state variable. If this session state variable is set, the Release Call And Close Dialog feature uses the cause value it specifies instead of the default. If the value set is not within the valid range of cause codes, the default cause code as specified above will be used instead.

Session state inputs and outputs


Name Type Format Description Behaviour if null/invalid



Release Cause to use for call control session release

Report featureCannotStart, featureHasFinished



Release Cause to use for SMS session release

Report featureCannotStart, featureHasFinished



For determining release cause code if the UserReleaseCause is not set

Use default call release cause CLASS1_NORMAL_CALL_CLEARING


One of: call, sms

Session type of this call for choosing how to determine cause code from LatestOcsAnswer

Runtime exception handled by the feature runner


This feature does not modify session state.

Error scenarios

This feature has no error conditions.

Feature responses

Response Reason


intended behaviour


feature has finished


This feature is not configurable.

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Sentinel Express Version 2.7.0