For information about all available commands, enter help at the console:

> help

See Appendix A: Full Command Listing for the output of this command.

For help with a particular command, enter help and the name of a command. For example:

> help load-scenario
"load-scenario": Loads a scenario definition from a given file
    Usage: load-scenario <scenario-file> [-config <config-name>]
        -config - The named configuration to use
    Example: load-scenario path/to/some-scenario.scen


The Scenario Simulator supports tab-completion for command names and command arguments (such as scenario names). For example, to quickly see all available commands, press the TAB key at the console prompt:

> <TAB>

bind-role                bind-table               create-local-endpoint    force-quit               help
history                  list-protocols           list-scenarios           load-data-set            load-scenario
print-config             print-scenario           print-status             quit                     ramp-up
remove-scenario          run-session              set-endpoint-address     set-preferred-scenario   set-session-rate
sleep                    start-generating         stop-generating          wait-until-operational
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