Note This method doesn’t work for OID parts that you specify with annotations introspected at runtime.

If you set OID parts and MIB aliases using annotations that generate deployment descriptor entries or set them directly in the deployment descriptor of a component, inspect the component’s deployment descriptors to verify the OID or alias assignments.

The deployment descriptors in the META-INF directory of the built jar file contain the component’s OID mappings. After compilation, inspect these deployment descriptors to find where a misused annotation or deployment descriptor attribute impacts the component.

Typical issues in deployment descriptors include:

  • The OID setting variables aren’t replaced with valid OID parts during the compile and build process.

  • The OID part isn’t in the oid-suffix or base-oid field of the deployment descriptor. This implies a missing field in the annotation used to assign the mapping.

Find the static OID mappings for different components in the following deployment descriptors:

  • Service: oc-service.xml

  • SBB: oc-sbb-jar.xml

  • Resource adaptor: oc-resource-adaptor-jar.xml

  • Profile: oc-profile-spec-jar.xml

For more information about these deployment descriptors, see relevant sections in the Rhino Extended APIs.

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