Each SBB that defines one or more parameter set types within a service requires a unique OID suffix. This OID suffix forms part of the OIDs registered for that SBB’s statistics.

Always define OID suffixes for SBBs to allow for easy addition of new statistics and consistency among all SBBs. Each SBB may also have a MIB alias assigned to it.

The example below shows the Java annotation @SBBStatsPresentation defining an OID suffix and a MIB alias for an SBB:


From the annotation in this example, the compile-time annotation processor generates the corresponding entry in an extension deployment descriptor, as shown below:

    <sbb id="CallLeg">
        <stats-presentation alias="IMSSFCallLeg" oid-suffix="${oid.products.imssf.sbbs.CallLegSbb}"/>

The Java annotation and the extension deployment descriptor above are equivalent.

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