A service requires a base OID assigned to it. This base OID forms part of the OIDs registered for that service’s statistics.

A service may also have a MIB alias assigned to it. The MIB alias of each deployed service must be unique among all deployed services.

The example below defines a base OID and a MIB alias for the SHCM service with the Java annotation @ServiceStatsPresentation:

    statsPresentation=@ServiceStatsPresentation(alias="SHCM", baseOid="@oid.products.sentinel.shcm.services.sh-cache@")

From the annotation in this example, the compile-time annotation processor generates the corresponding entry in an extension deployment descriptor, as shown below:

    <service id="SHCM">
        <stats-presentation alias="SHCM" base-oid="${oid.products.sentinel.shcm.services.sh-cache}"/>

The Java annotation and the extension deployment descriptor above are equivalent.

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