This section describes the industry terms and the Rhino-specific terms that this guide uses.

The following table lists the industry terms. When necessary, it also supplies product-specific information related to the term.

Term Definition


Document type definition (DTD); a set of declarations that define the legal structure, elements, and attributes of a type of SGML document.


Management information base (MIB); an ASN.1 based data structure description that describes the structure of the attributes that a system exposes for monitoring and configuration.


Object identifier (OID); a string of numbers that identifies a statistic that can be read through SNMP. For example,


Simple network management protocol (SNMP); an application-level protocol used primarily for network device management and monitoring.

Rhino TAS includes an SNMP agent for interoperability with external SNMP-aware management clients. For more information, see Rhino Administration and Deployment Guide.

The following table lists the Rhino-specific terms:

Term Definition

Base OID

The prefix nodes of a full OID, rooted at the base of the global OID hierarchy. For example,

OID part

A subset of nodes of a complete OID. For example, a base OID or an OID suffix is an OID part.

OID suffix

An OID part that can be appended to a base OID. For example, 1, 4.3 or

OID suffix mappings descriptor

A JSON text document that specifies OID suffix mappings for arbitrary resource adaptor entities or profile tables. Deployed into Rhino TAS together with relevant components.

Parameter set

An instance of a parameter set type.

Parameter sets can have special characteristics such as aggregation of statistics from the child parameter sets of the same parameter set type.

Parameter set type

A definition that describes a particular set of statistics available from a deployed component or subsystem. A parameter set type consists of a statistics interface and the metadata that describes the statistics it contains.

Singleton parameter set type

A parameter set type that can have only one parameter set created from it.

Statistics interface

A usage parameters interface for SLEE-style usage or a statistics parameter set type interface for Rhino-style usage.

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