This section provides information on performing a rolling upgrade of the VMs.

Each of the links below contains standalone instructions for upgrading a particular node type. The normal procedure is to upgrade only one node type in any given maintenance window, though you can upgrade multiple node types if the maintenance window is long enough.

Most call traffic will function as normal when the nodes are running different versions of the software. However, do not leave a deployment in this state for an extended period of time:

  • Certain call types cannot function when the cluster is running mixed software versions.

  • Part of the upgrade procedure is to disable scheduled tasks for the duration of the upgrade. Without these tasks running, the performance and health of the system will degrade.

Always finish upgrading all nodes of one node type before starting on another node type.

To apply a patch, first use the csar efix command on the SIMPL VM. This command creates a copy of a specified CSAR but with the patch applied. You then upgrade to the patched CSAR using the procedure for a normal rolling upgrade. Detailed instructions for using csar efix can be found within the individual upgrade pages below.

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