Before deploying any nodes, you will need to first install Metaswitch Deployment Manager (MDM).


  • The MDM CSAR

  • A deployed and powered-on SIMPL virtual machine

  • The MDM deployment parameters (hostnames; management and signaling IP addresses)

  • Addresses for NTP, DNS and SNMP servers that the MDM instances will use


The minimum supported version of MDM is 2.33.2. Prior versions cannot be used.

Method of procedure

Your Customer Care Representative can provide guidance on using the SIMPL VM to deploy MDM. Follow the instructions in the SIMPL VM Documentation.

As part of the installation, you will add MDM to the Solution Definition File (SDF) with the following data:

  • certificates and keys

  • custom topology

Generation of certificates and keys

MDM requires the following certificates and keys. Refer to the MDM documentation for more details.

  • An SSH key pair (for logging into all instances in the deployment, including MDM, which does not allow SSH access using passwords)

  • A CA (certificate authority) certificate (used for the server authentication side of mutual TLS)

  • A "static", also called "client", certificate and private key (used for the client authentication side of mutual TLS)

If the CA used is an in-house CA, keep the CA private key safe so that you can generate a new static certificate and private key from the same CA in the future. Add the other credentials to QSG as described in MDM service group.

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