You can use the SIS REM module to find, edit, remove, and install address subscriptions.

What are address subscriptions?

Address subscriptions can be used by triggers during composition selection to select a composition based on an address contained in the initial event.

For details, see Managing Address Subscriptions in the SIS Administration Guide.

To manage address subscriptions:


From the SIS instance page, select Address Subscriptions.

The Address Subscriptions page displays.



To…​ Do this:

Find an address subscription

  • Click for whether you want to find by Name or Address.

  • Type the name or address you want to find (must be an exact match).

  • Click Find.
    REM displays the address details.

Tip To see details of the address’s originating, terminating, or third-party composition, click it.

See all address subscriptions

Click Show All.
REM lists all address subscriptions.

Warning Use with caution — when there are very many subscriptions, viewing them all can temporarily impact Rhino performance.

Edit an address subscription

  • Click to highlight it.

  • Click Edit.
    An Edit Address Subscription dialog box displays.

  • Enter or select the details you want to change, and click Save.
    SIS REM module saves your changes.

Remove an address subscription

  • Click to highlight it.

  • Click Remove.
    SIS REM module removes that address subscription.

Install a new address subscription

  • Click Install.
    Address subscription entry fields display.

  • Enter or select the address subscription details.

Warning SIS audit function will fail and raise alarms if compositions referenced in subscriptions do not exist.
Tip To reference a composition that does not exist in the SIS, select Other…​ from the drop-down menu, and enter the composition’s name, vendor, and version.
  • Click Add.
    The SIS REM module installs the subscription.

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