You can use the SIS REM module to view, remove, activate, deactivate, install, or replace triggers.

What are SIS triggers?

A trigger is used to select a composition for execution for each call received by the SIS.

For details, see Managing Triggers in the SIS Administration Guide.

To manage triggers:


From the SIS instance page, select Triggers.

A list of Triggers installed for the selected instance displays.



To…​ Do this:

View a trigger

  • Click it.
    That trigger’s dependencies and XML display.

  • To display a dependency, click it.

  • To expand the XML window, click (show full).

Remove the selected trigger

  • Click Remove.
    SIS REM module prompts you to confirm removing.

  • Click OK.
    SIS REM module removes the trigger from the selected SIS instance.

Warning You can’t remove a trigger when it’s active.

Activate or deactivate a trigger

Click activate or deactivate.
The SIS REM module changes the state of that trigger.

Install a new trigger

  • Click Install.
    A Choose File button displays.

  • Click the Choose File button.
    An Open dialog box displays.

  • Navigate to and select the XML file for the trigger you want to install.

    Warning The XML file must adhere to the SIS Trigger XML schema defined for the SIS version.

    The SIS REM module installs the trigger. If that SIS instance already has a trigger with the same identity, the SIS REM module asks whether you want to replace the existing XML.

Note Changes to SIS triggers do not take effect immediately. The SIS must explicitly reload its components to apply any changes.
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