You can use the SIS REM module to view, remove, configure, or create extension references.

What are SIS extension references?

An extension reference identifies an extension component. There are two types of extension component supported by the SIS:

  • service composition selection extension component, used during the triggering phase

  • interceptor extension component, used in composition interceptors.

SIS extension components are implemented as JAIN SLEE services, and an extension reference identifies an extension component using its SLEE service component identifier.

For details, see Managing Extension References in the SIS Administration Guide.

To manage extension references:


From the SIS instance page, select Extension Refs.

A list of Extension Refs installed in the selected instance displays.



To…​ Do this:

View the details of an extension reference

  • Click it.
    That extension reference’s details display.

  • To display a dependent or service ID, click it.

Remove the selected extension reference

  • Click Remove.
    SIS REM module prompts you to confirm removing.

  • Click OK.
    SIS REM module removes the extension reference from the selected SIS instance.

Warning You can’t remove an extension reference that has dependents.

Configure the selected extension reference

  • Click Edit.
    An Edit ExtensionRef dialog box displays.

  • Change the extension reference’s Service and/or Default Timeout, and click Save.
    SIS REM module saves your changes.

Create a new extension reference

  • Click Create.
    Extension reference entry fields display.

  • Enter a name for it.

  • Select a type (interceptor or SCS).

  • Select a service.

  • Click Add.
    The SIS REM module adds the extension reference.

Note Changes to SIS extension references do not take effect immediately. The SIS must explicitly reload its components to apply any changes.
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