A custom application router can be installed following the procedures in SIP Servlet 1.1 §15.4.2.

  • The application router must be packaged as a Jar file using the Java SE Service Loader conventions.

    This means the application router jar file must contain a
    META-INF/services/javax.servlet.sip.ar.spi.SipApplicationRouterProvider file, which contains the name of SipApplicationRouterProvider concrete class to load.

    Alternatively, the concrete class can be specified by setting the javax.servlet.sip.ar.spi.SipApplicationRouterProvider system property.

  • The application router jar file must be on the class path of the SIP Servlet RA.

    The simplest way is to add it to the Rhino instance’s CLASSPATH.

    Alternatively, it could be added to the SIP Servlet RA’s deployable unit jar file (du/sipservlet-ra-1.x.y.z.du.jar).

Note When a SIP Servlet RA entity is created, it will first try the javax.servlet.sip.ar.spi.SipApplicationRouterProvider system property, then the Service Loader mechanism to locate an application router implementation. If no application router is found, the RA entity will use the Default Application Router.
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