Below are the sipservlet-console and Ant commands for installing a SIP Servlet application.

Note Installing a SIP Servlet application automatically generates a container service and deploys it in Rhino.



install-ss <ra-entity> <sar-file> [-appname <name>] [-linkname <name>] [-service <service-id>]


To override the default ServiceID:

install-ss ss myservlet.sar -service name=myservlet,vendor=abc,version=1

By default, Rhino SIP Servlet creates an application name reference mapping the servlet application’s name to its ServiceID. The deployer can specify a different application name to use, for example if the same name was already in use by another application. To override the default application name:

install-ss ss myservlet.sar -appname newname



<sipservlet:install srcfile="..." appname="..." linkname="..." url="...">
  <sipservlet:service name="..." vendor="..." version="..."/>
Tip The Ant <sipservlet:install> task allows the DU’s URL to be specified using the url attribute.


To override the default ServiceID:

<sipservlet:install srcfile="myservlet.sar">
  <sipservlet:service name="myservlet" vendor="abc" version="1"/>

To override the default application name:

<sipservlet:install srcfile="myservlet.sar" appname="newname"/>
RA Entity Bindings and Link Names

When an application is deployed, it is automatically bound to the SIP Servlet RA entity that is performing the deployment. This RA entity provides the SipFactory implementation for the service, so all SIP messages will be sent using this RA entity. The application and RA entity are bound using a link name.

Link names are managed in the SLEE using the console commands bindralinkname and unbindralinkname. See help link in sipservlet-console for related commands. RA entities may have zero or more link names. The default SIP Servlet RA deployment uses the link name "slee/resources/sipservlet".

During deployment, the deploying RA entity selects its own link name to bind with the application. If the RA entity has no link names, deployment will fail. If the RA entity has several link names, one will be selected, or alternatively this can be overridden using the "linkname" parameter in the install-ss command or sipservlet:install Ant task.

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