The OC-Replication-Information header is a custom SIP header used by Sentinel VoLTE to relay details of session replication configuration to the IM-SSF.

Header Format

The header name is OC-Replication-Information and its value can either be enabled or disabled. A value of disabled indicates that session tracking and replication is disabled for the current session. A value of enabled indicates that session tracking and replication is either enabled or deferred for the current session.

The will also include a refreshPeriod parameter if the header value is enabled. The value of this parameter is the configured session refresh period in seconds. It is ultimately used by the IM-SSF to derive a TTL for any session ownership records it creates for the purposes of session tracking on its SIP dialogs.

Header Usage

The header is set by the CapLocationHeaders.

It is used by the IM-SSF service to determine how it should handle replication and tracking for the session.

Under normal circumstances this header will not be seen outside of inter-service SIP messages within Rhino.

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Sentinel VoLTE Version 4.0.0