Sentinel VoLTE includes Sentinel’s Third Party Registrar with various features suitable for SCC and MMTel.

The Sentinel Registrar and SIP Session processing components share information through Registrar Data Storage.

When using HSS, both Sentinel Registrar and SIP Session processing share the following information via XML schemas for Transparent User Data storage:

  • the MMTel supplementary services standard schema

  • OpenCloud’s Third Party Registrar schema (used to store third-party registration information in the HSS for later use).

When using Cassandra, this information is shared via OpenCloud’s Third Party Registrar schema.

The Sentinel Registrar is for SIP REGISTER-triggered Session Plans, and Sentinel SIP is for INVITE-triggered Session Plans.

registrar invite hss atcf

The Third Party Registrar includes a feature that accesses the ATCF for 3GPP Release 10 Enhanced SR-VCC.

Both the Third Party Registrar and Sentinel SIP Features use the Sh Cache Microservice RA to access the HSS or Cassandra CQL RA to access the Cassandra database.

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