Sentinel VoLTE is based on Rhino Sentinel, OpenCloud’s next generation service layer solution that enables genuine service innovation for all types of telecom services.

Rhino Sentinel delivers complete suites of fully-featured telecom applications for GSM (Sentinel Express) and VoLTE (Sentinel VoLTE) networks. And, unlike other solutions, Rhino Sentinel is completely open. It allows customers and their partners to extend and complement the application set using Sentinel Create, to go beyond the plain vanilla — quickly, cost-effectively, and safely.

sentinel volte overview

MMTEL-AS and SCC-AS on the Rhino TAS

The Sentinel VoLTE solution implements the Multimedia Telephony Application Server (MMTEL-AS) and the Service Centralisation and Continuity Application Server (SCC-AS) on the Rhino TAS. It includes built in support for multiple Charging systems.

The main benefits of the solution are:

  • Provides the essentials for VoLTE — The essential VoLTE services such as MMTel and SCC are available straight out-of-the-box.

  • NFV (virtualised model) — Rhino Sentinel can be virtualised and deployed in a private cloud model, providing more flexible and cost-effective deployment models.

  • Open platform and applications — Built on the Sentinel framework, VoLTE services can be extended and differentiated.

  • No vendor lock-in — You can choose to create new services or extend existing services yourself, with support from the OpenCloud developer ecosystem.

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