What does MMTel do?

MMTel (Multi-Media Telephony applications) delivers the core call-control services for voice and video communications, as well as the supplementary services for VoLTE.

Services General information

Rhino Sentinel VoLTE delivers these services in an LTE/IMS network, following the GSMA IR.92 (v9.0) and IR.94 (v10.0) standards.

  • With the exception of Message Waiting Indication (MWI), all IR.92 services are supported within Sentinel VoLTE. Using Sentinel Create, it is possible to extend the feature set to very easily include other services.

  • Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR) is also supported, even though it is not an IR.92 service.

3GPP defines Flexible Alerting in TS 24.239 and the flexible alerting subscriber data schema is defined in TS 24.239 and TS 29.364. The service allows the creation of a group of member identities bound to a single number, called the Pilot Number. When a call to the Pilot Number is identified, VoLTE will alert all the members of the group and the caller is bound to the first member of the group that answers the call.

3GPP defines Explicit Communication Transfer in TS 24.629. The service allows a member in a communication dialogue called the transferor to transfer their role in the dialogue to another user called the transfer-target. The member that remains in the dialogue during the transfer is called the transferee.

Is a service that allows an existing originating or terminating session to be transfered to another device. The target device is the one that pulls the session.

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