Sentinel VoLTE is integrated with the MetaView Service Assurance Server (SAS) to give an end-to-end view of traces within the Metaswitch IMS solution. Along with the service and RA level SAS tracing, many features have additional specific SAS tracing relating to their feature logic. To determine if a feature has SAS support, refer to the feature documentation or the VoLTE changelog.

Enabling VoLTE SAS tracing

To configure and enable Rhino to send events to MetaView Service Assurance Server (SAS), additional Rhino configuration is required. Please see Rhino MetaView Service Assurance Server (SAS) Tracing for more details.

VoLTE SAS bundle

The VoLTE SAS bundle contains definitions of all SAS events that will be sent to the server. The SAS bundle is backwards compatible between minor versions.

Installing Rhino VoLTE SAS bundle

The VoLTE SAS bundle is installed with VoLTE as part of the standard installation into Rhino.

Exporting Rhino VoLTE SAS bundle

To export the VoLTE SAS bundle from a Rhino with VoLTE installed, refer to Rhino SAS Bundle Generation

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Sentinel VoLTE Version 2.8.0